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What to do when 7:30pm is both your bedtime and your reservation time?

If you struggle with fatigue, hear me out on this one!

Last night we had a 7:30pm reservation with friends. To most people going out at this hour is totally no big deal. You probably wouldn’t even give it a second thought, right? But if you’ve struggled in the past or currently struggle with fatigue, it’s another story. Now don’t get me wrong my energy compared to the last decade is sky high, but I definitely run out of steam by the end of the day and I am probably asleep by 9pm most nights. Cue to my endorsement of mindfulness practices!

I used to get very anxious if we had evening plans. All day long I would worry and think to myself, will I be okay for tonight? How will I get out of the house when normally I'd be washing my face and putting on my nighttime skincare?! Nowadays I refuse to let myself get caught up in those old thought patterns. Those negative thoughts alone can lower my energy. So how does mindfulness play into all this you may wonder? First, my daily yoga/meditation practice keeps my stress levels in check! Making time to sit and breathe for even five minutes before the day begins, gives me the room to notice my thoughts and feel them. Once I’ve done that I almost always choose a better feeling thought. Lastly I swear by my mantra “it feels good to feel good!" Simply having this thought sends my energy levels up and gives me the boost that I need to get my lipstick on and out of the house worry free.

Do I sometimes experience low energy once I am out? Yes of course! However, it's always worth the fun of spending time with the people that I love and penciled in on my calendar the next day is some extra downtime to recoup.

If you're a new mom on your little bundle of joys schedule, this may resonate with you too!

If this resonates with you, let me help you get behind yourself! Contact me at to set up a time to talk and experience all that mindfulness practices have to offer!

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