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A coffee and a health consult?

All it takes is 15 minutes and a little bit of looking inward!

Setting up a free consultation is now easier than ever! We can meet in-person at my favorite coffee shop or sip some tea remotely. It's up to you! What we will cover on the call:

*Identify your health & wellness goals

*Overview of RLW's signature two (2) month health coach program

*Bonus content like weekly yoga sessions, personalized meal planning and daily communication to help you meet your goals and keep you accountable!

It's time to move yourself to the top of your to do list and make yourself a priority without feeling guilty. How to know if a health coach program is right for you?

*You have unmet health goals

*Unresolved symptoms

*Issues trusting your body or knowing what will help you feel good at this point in your life

*You find it difficult to make time for yourself and sticking with a plan

The good news is that I know you can reach your goals and we will work together to make a plan that you can stick with and is fun!

Respond to this email to set up your first call or check out the new services page at

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