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Giving props (and a complimentary class in August)

Have you ever tried using props during yoga? You know, the brightly colored blocks and blankets, bolsters and straps you typically find stacked up along the back wall of a yoga studio? If not, I am here to let you know that yoga props are not just for beginners! I encourage you to try incorporating blocks into your yoga practice and notice what you feel. More spacious perhaps? A little bit longer and more stretched out? For all of my restorative yoga junkies, get yourself a bolster! See how much deeper you can go into the poses and I mean energetically not just physically!

If this grabs your attention and you feel curious, email me at and I will gladly show you all of my favorite props with a complimentary class in August during those dog days of summer when it's really nice to make some time to cool off and slow down.

For now, props off to you!

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